Soul Reborn – Cover Reveal and Pre-Order

Soul Reborn

New Look – Great Price

What a cover! Jean is a wonderful writer. She is self-publishing her book – as I am – and I think she has completely outdone herself with this cover.


Asar, the Egyptian God of the Underworld, has been tortured and left soulless by a malevolent goddess, relegating him to consume the very thing he was commissioned to protect. Human souls. Now an empty shell of hatred, Asar vows to kill the goddess and anyone involved in her release, but fate crosses his path with a beautiful blonde huntress who has a soul too sweet to ignore.


Lilly, fearless commander of the Nehebkau huntresses, is the only thing standing in the way of the goddess’ undead army unleashing hell on earth.  But Lilly has a secret—one she is willing to sell her soul to keep. If the Underworld god discovers her role in the dig that released the goddess, she will lose everything, including his heart.

Releases April 1, 2015

Get your copy today and have it delivered to your Kindle April 1st.

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“Only the strongest love can unlock the souls of the Underworld.”


Romantic Times (RT) Book Reviews (Sept2011) –  4 / 4.5 stars/Scorcher,

Night Owl Reviews:  Reviewer’s Top PICK / 5 Stars (Abigail, Feb2013)  “The first book in the “Key to the Cursed” series was absolutely phenomenal. Anything that deals with old world deities and is written well always hooks me from the get go. This was definitely an excellent book to begin a new series.”

Bitten by Paranormal Romance – 5 / 5 Alpha Howls, Hot 


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In her pursuit of a nursing degree, Jean Murray aspired to see the world and joined the Navy. At the end of 2011 she said a heart-breaking goodbye to her Navy family and retired after twenty years of military service. Although her dreams of writing full time have yet to come true, she continues her writing journey and draws inspiration from her travels abroad. She enjoys spending time with her family and of course, writing about the “Carrigan sisters and their mates, Gods of the Underworld,” to bring you the next installment of the Key to the Cursed series.

Saying Goodbye to Giblet

2011-12-25_09-51-22_707 - Crop

I was a broken woman when I first met Giblet. I’d just turned forty, suffered a miscarriage, and the man I’d been in a relationship with had left me. Deep down I knew I’d never have a child of my own. The one chance I’d had was gone.

Each day I got up, went to work and somehow made it through the day. I was numb and fragile and holding it together hour-by-hour.

I think it was a radio commercial – we always had the radio on at the place I worked – for the local animal shelter that first implanted the idea of a dog into my mind. I owed my home, had a yard, lived five minutes away from work, and had the time to share.

The volunteer took my information and brought me into the kennel. I remember it being loud with barking. The cages had indoor/outdoor access and there were four or five dogs to an area. She stopped in front of a cage where two or three – it’s hard to remember exactly – dogs were playing together. To the side, sitting on a threadbare towel was Giblet. She explained he’d been there for many months. That he didn’t show well for adoption. He was clearly miserable in the cage with the other dogs and the one comfort he had was a tattered piece of towel. I’m not saying the shelter wasn’t nice, because it was; it’s just that his temperament made the conditions intolerable.

Giblet looked like he was put together by a committee. His head was small, Chihuahua like. He was barreled chested with spindly legs and had a rat-like tail. His ears were ravaged by a skin condition. He didn’t make eye contact or in any way try to draw my attention to him. The volunteer thought he’d been the dog that had been thrown from a moving car. It was clear to me that he’d been abused before his rescue.

Giblet and I crawled out of our respective depressions together. He came alive on his walks. Head and tail high, strutting out, sniffing, marking every mailbox. I fenced in the backyard and we planted a garden together.

One day I realized my sadness had diminished, that I looked forward to getting up and taking the Little Man for his walk. I wasn’t the only one changing for the better. The hair on Giblet’s ears grew back in. He’d gained some weight. His coat was shiny and his eyes bright.

And one wonderful day I met my future husband. I’d become resigned that I would be single for the rest of my life. But life had different plans. For the first time I knew how it felt to be truly loved by a partner. He had a son. I had Giblet. We bought a house together. We became a family.

Giblet helped Trevor get ready for middle school and would wait for him to get off the bus. Giblet sent Trevor off to his first day of high school, and supervised many tutoring session around the dining room table. Giblet participated in every aspect of our lives. And yes, he had a closet of plush blankets to lie on. He even slept in the bed with us. Years passed and he watched as we packed up the car and sent Trevor off to college.

Eleven years went by in a flash. Giblet was slowing down. He couldn’t go for his long walks any longer and barely made it around the block. He no longer bounded off the sofa to greet George home from work. The UPS and mail truck drove by without him barking. He had hip trouble and knee trouble. He’d had surgeries to repair both and rebounded beautifully, but age was taking its toll. Last fall he had a mass removed from his mouth. We hoped it wouldn’t come back, but it did. The pain pills weren’t helping him any longer. Yesterday we decided it was time to let him go.

Our hearts are breaking that he’s no longer with us, but after giving us so much we had to do the right thing and end his pain. After such a long winter yesterday was warm and sunny. He took one last walk around his yard and we all said our goodbyes. George and I held him until he passed.

Goodbye to the Best Little Doggie in the World, our Giblet.

Valentine’s Day

I think this young man wearing a kilt is adorable. I’m curious about the plants to either side of him and what they represent. Are they dandelions or cactus or a Scotland plant I don’t know. ** They are thistles. The National Flower of Scotland.

Personally, I’m not a big Valentine’s Day person, so my husband and I will probably go out to eat and then shop for window molding. Not exactly what most couples would say is romantic, but for us, it’s perfect.

However you decide to celebrate, or not, I hope it’s a wonderful day for you.

Soon To Be A Self-Published Author

Here I am, flying off into the horizon. Well, not really me, but it’s how I feel since my publisher announced the closing of their doors. So many publishers, big and small, have boarded up or merged – huddled together – to survive the wind of change sweeping through the industry of books.

I hadn’t intended to be a self-published author, but soon that’s exactly what I’ll be. My “To Do” list of items is a bit mind boggling and I’m trying to focus on each task and not the overall endeavor. Instead of spiraling into self-doubt I’m thinking of this as an opportunity.

My hope is for this to be a seamless transition with no disruption of sales of my books. I have two months to prepare. Surely I can manage with that timeline. Fingers crossed! If you’ve taken the self-publishing journey, I’d love to hear what has worked for you. As I move forward I will post the steps I’ve taken and how I’ve gone about it.

I thought it would be a great time to change up things on my blog too. In the coming months, you’ll see posts about my struggle with weight, my home improvement projects, and probably a few photos of my beloved old dog, Giblet, and of our rambunctious cats, Salem and Albert. When the weather turns in the spring I’ll be puttering in my garden and will undoubtedly show off some of my flowers.

Take care!

Happy New Year

2015 Happy New Year greeting card

“May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forget to make some art — write or draw or build or sing or live as only you can. And I hope, somewhere in the next year, you surprise yourself.”   Neil Gaiman